Ordering items not in stock

We cannot always offer you the whole collection of some of our brands, only the best bits. However, for some of our brands, we offer a unique ordering service where we can get you items that aren't available in store or sometimes anywhere in the UK. This is how it works below..

Circle of Gentlemen

We are currently offering a large extended collection from Circle of Gentlemen that we don't stock here at Decorum. When ordering these items, there will be a clear note on the product page that the item falls into this category. For these items you must allow a further 3-5 working days additional to the standard delivery times as these items will be being delivered direct from Circle of Gentlemen in the Netherlands via. Decorum.

We ask that for this service to continue to grow and to offer you this unique opportunity to get your hands on some of the less available items here in the UK, that you check the sizing carefully to prevent returns. The more returns we receive for items applicable to this service, the more difficult it becomes for us to offer you the chance to order these items. For help with sizing, email or call us on +44 (0)1263 711204 - Scott and Jamie will be more than happy to assist.

When placing an order for one of these items, we will confirm via. e-mail that this item is being despatched and is on it's way to you. In the event that the item you order isn't available when we contact Circle of Gentlemen due to low stock, we will immediately refund your money back to your account. Please bear in mind, Circle of Gentlemen are stocking hundreds of outlets so stock levels can change dramatically at any time, so ordering early in the season is the key. As items become out of stock they will be removed from our site.

Now we have finished the boring bit, we hope you enjoy taking advantage of this fantastic service and we look forward to offering you the full Circle of Gentlemen experience here at Decorum.