Sachajuan Spray Wax - A Grooming Innovation

July 24, 2012


Time's have changed, and so have we, but it seems even the snail-pace progression of Barber shops up and down the country has also started to accelerate. With the arrival of shiny new products lining the walls of hair care boutiques across the land, the introduction of minimalist Scandinavian haircare brands will become an all more familiar sight as they spread the word and promise of clean, slick, neo quiffs and more. Washing up on Britannia's shores this Autumn is Sachajuan, a spray wax which provides a degree of hold which won't turn your hair grey, into a Russell Brand-esque frenzy or make you look like you've jumped into the closest lake or river for a quick wash. With nourishing protein and vitamins from sea algae, this shampoo-proof product is a step forward in hair care innovation, and a step in the right direction if you're 'the guy in the know' down the local boozer. Forget the torrid judgement of yourself from using a can of cheap hairspray, this is nothing of the sort, the guy who sold it to you is a Barber; he has a slick moustache, manly stubble, yet holds a cut throat razor in hand. Argument as good as settled.. right?

£17 for 200ml. At Murdock London.


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