Circle of Gentlemen 2014

January 14, 2014

2014 Membership now open..

Joining the Circle of Gentlemen has never been easier..

Here at Decorum we have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with our Dutch brand Circle of Gentlemen. We have offered the highlights of their collections for the past 2 years now and inspired hundreds of customers with their high fashion designs and uncontested quality of product.
However, we have only been able to offer you a select choice of their collection -until now.

We have now started our unique Circle of Gentlemen ordering service online at
With over 30 new styles added to our online store, additional to our already large collection in store, we can now order all and any items from the Circle of Gentlemen 2014 Spring collection, subject to availability.

More information on this unique service is available online by clicking here
By using this service you will be able to take advantage of our much larger available collection, and order these items direct from Circle of Gentlemen via. us here at Decorum. 

You will have seen in our previous email a taster of what we will have available in store, here is another sneak peek at what is now available from Decorum Online..